May 6, 2013

I love web development. I have been working with HTML since 2003 when I was a Computer Science major but I didn’t really focus on it until fall 2007. After about a year of making basic web sites, I took an advanced web applications course which used Ruby on Rails for the development. This was an incredibly foreign language to me but for some reason I was hooked even though I didn’t pick it back up after that until summer 2009. Since then, most of my web development has been using Ruby on Rails with a little PHP mixed in.

My last semester at Florida State University I interned at the State of Florida Department of Management Services. I had to bring a project from conception to completion and the internship taught me a lot about coding practices. I graduated in August 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and took a job at AdRelevancy, which was an internet marketing company and went out of business in February 2010.

After that, I worked as a freelance Rails developer for about a year and a half before landing a job at Engine Yard as a PANDA first and now Support Engineer. In whatever spare time I have, I spend time with my wife and two sons. I also try and find time to learn whatever I can about any topics that interest me including: web development and design, Agile practices, emerging technology, and even some business-oriented topics.

That’s about all I have about me. Check out the other sections of my site and interact with me online.